Assets in Progress

Gurara Hydroelectric Power Plant

North South Company Limited, was recently awarded the preferred bidder and is currently negotiating the Concession Agreement of the 30MW Gurara Hydroelectric Power Plant located in Kaduna State.

Location Kachia Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Typical Annual Energy Production 115GWH
Installed Capacity 30MW
Turbine Capacity 3 x 12.5MVA alternator (at 80% power factor)
Target Commencement of Operations 2019
Evacuation Development is ongoing on the 110Km, 132KV transmission line connecting the hydro power plant to the TCN Kudenda substation in Kaduna State.
Typical Station Capacity Factor 44%

Shiroro Solar Power Project

North South Power Company Limited is expanding its renewable energy platform with a proposed 300MW solar generating facility. The solar farm will be developed to create a synergy with the Hydroelectric Power Plant thereby creating the first solar-hydro integrated plant in the region.

Key Attributes

  • 3 hours from Abuja, the Federal Capital city of Nigeria
  • Average solar irradiation of 5.42Kwh/m2/day
  • 12 Km from existing Shiroro substation and
  • 12 Km from existing Shiroro Hydroelectric power plant
  • 0.1 km from major road network (Gwada-Shiroro Road)
  • Land flat and unsettled as previous occupants have been resettled


  • Completion of preliminary technical feasibility report
  • Completion of the bankable technical feasibility report
  • Approval of transmission connection by Transmission Company of Nigeria
  • Approval of Environmental and Social Impact assessment studies by the Federal Ministry of Environment